Veronica PereyeraVeronica Pereyera MA Veronica Pereyera MA

Veronica Pereyra is a certified medical assistant and the administrative assistant for Dr. Pateder. She will coordinate the logistics of your care as you undergo treatment with Dr. Pateder. Her main duties include:

  • Surgery/procedure scheduling (to schedule routine office visits, please callour appointment line at: (703) 435-6604 (703) 435-6604 ) and related appointments
  • Coordinating pre-operative clearances and post-operative care
  • Facilitating any administrative issues

She prides herself in making your patient experience as smooth as possible.

Please feel free to contact her directly with any scheduling issues or questions regarding your care with Dr. Pateder and his team (for any specific medical questions, please contact April Cournoyer PAC or Lauren Anderson PAC).

Veronica has been one of the most valuable members of our team since 2012. She resides in Herndon, VA with her son. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and playing sports with her son.